Microsoft Endpoint Manager Managed Services

This service combines access to industry leading MEM consultants and the delivery of world-class managed services for your Endpoint Management.

Ensures that your enterprise is up to date on all supported MEM products, OS builds and security advances, while managing the delivery of these services via UK based managed services via SLA based operational tasks levels. Includes the configuration and management of all agreed MEM components, via a managed service under the governance of an APPtechnology Client Director.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager Managed Services

Microsoft Endpoint Manager Managed Services

Subject to service design agreements this service covers:

  • Consultant recommendations on upcoming product development and their relevance to your environment
  • New feature implementations
  • Scheduled and automated dashboard reporting
  • SLA based response times
  • Product configuration and administration
  • Discovery and packaging of application upgrades
  • Operation of deployment cycles covering Users, OS, security and applications
  • User onboarding and group management
  • Application retirement
  • Desktop Analytic reporting
  • Endpoint Security Monitoring
  • Productivity Scoring
  • MEM Infrastructure troubleshooting and remediation
  • Windows 10 Servicing cadence

Optional services

Periodic optimisation of M365, O365, SAP, Oracle and Adobe licensing to reduce SaaS costs

Talk to one of APPtechnology's client directors about how your organisation will benefit from our expert managed services for Endpoint Management.

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