Microsoft Intune - Embrace Microsoft's Modern Management

Microsoft Intune is perfect for customers who are embracing Microsoft’s Modern Management but have no need for an SCCM infrastructure. The adoption of Microsoft is increasing because it supports:  

  • Bring-your-own-device (BYOD)
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM)
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Here at APPtechnology, we provide a start to finish Microsoft Intune implementation service. The starting point is an initial workshop and by the end, you have a fully transitioned solution. So that you can continue with 'business as usual'.

 microsoft intune autopilot


APPtechnology Intune Accelerators

APPtechnology has fixed price APPtechnology Intune Accelerators that are designed for organisations to get up and running quickly and efficiently.

This is an overview of how this service typically looks:

  • A requirements gathering workshop,
  • A review of your current build process(es),
  • A review of your existing configuration management setup,
  • Setup of Intune,
  • A demonstration of core Intune capabilities that includes:
    • OS Build
    • OS Patching
    • Application Deployment
  • Handover and Run Book Creation

At the end of the engagement you will have Intune up and running in your enterprise ready to start managing your IT infrastructure.


Microsoft SCCM Intune Co-Management

If your enterprise already has an existing SCCM infrastructure, then Co-management with Microsoft Intune allows you to connect to the Microsoft 365 cloud.

With concurrent management of devices with Microsoft SCCM and Microsoft Intune you receive high-level benefits. These benefits include:

  • Conditional access with device compliance
  • Intune-based remote actions like restart, remote control, or factory reset
  • Centralised visibility of device health
  • Link users, devices, and apps with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • Modern provisioning with Windows Autopilot

 Microsoft SCCM Intune Co Management

Figure 1 - Microsoft SCCM and Microsoft Intune co-management


Intune Applications 

APPtechnology supports the migration of all of your applications to Microsoft Intune. This is possible because of our on-site application discovery and on-site and off-site application packaging services.

If you are unsure of which application you need or which applications can be rationalised then APPtechnology provides smart Intune application migration services that give you a path to full Microsoft Intune Management.

We can also provide application packaging standards for Intune to ensure that application packaging is delivering Intune ready packages (MSI & MSIX) where possible.


Reasons to choose APPtechnology.

We are your reliable and highly skilled Windows 10 migration, application packaging and SCCM solution experts. We promise to relentlessly focus on delivering and meeting your exact requirements with an always open, friendly, honest and professional approach.

We are passionate about bringing confidence to your IT infrastructure. Our solutions will save you time, minimise disturbance and deliver both project value and long-term cost efficiency.

Please contact us for a friendly conversation on how we can help you.

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