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1E Nomad 6.0 launches today

Nomad release cakeToday 1E is proud to announce the general availability release of Nomad 6.0!! 8.5 months and over 6K hours were spent adding new features and enhancements that will help turbocharge your Windows 10 migration.

New Features and Enhancements

With Windows 10, Microsoft is now using Servicing Branches as the vehicle for making new features and security updates available to businesses – a measure that is set to increase content loads. ConfigMgr content and network traffic will now include Servicing Branch content as well existing software distributions, application deployments and OS deployments. Nomad 6.0 and PXE Everywhere 3.0 have been designed to cope with this additional content load thanks to the following feature:

Nomad 6.0


OSD Integration Enhancements

Enhanced Security

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