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APPtechnology providing Application Containerisation for the Education sector

We deliver an end-to-end solution to provide any windows based applications to your students and faculty on any device.


Students are accustomed to using personal mobile devices to maximize their learning potential. Academic institutions have the challenge of providing students with access to course information and learning tools across the plethora of mobile and stationary devices, and operating systems that are in use today.

APPtechnology can help solve this with cutting edge application containerisation solutions. We help empower academic institutions with a simple and cost-effective solution to deliver applications across a broad array of portable devices to support personalized learning, digital education and online testing.


The Challenge

Standard virtualisation and mobility solutions are not economically viable or scalable, requiring significant back-end infrastructure in order to securely deliver application services to mobile devices. Succesfully virtualising education applications can be challenging for the compute power of thin-client devices, potentially requiring the use of various plugins, Java and/or Flash software creating security vulnerabilities.

Our Solution

APPtechnology can provide a solution tailored to optimise and simplifying application delivery to any mobile or desktop device. Containers provide abstraction from the underlying desktop OS allowing applications to be seamlessly and securely delivered to almost all endpoint devices without any code changes.

Because we remove the need for a full desktop OS to hosted, you will see up to 5x the performance of traditional workspace virtualisation systems. Our solution is available on premise via an all-in-one hyper-converged infrastructure appliance, or as an IAAS solution from within the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Features and Benefits

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To learn how APPtechnology can bring any application your students or faculty, please visit apptechnology.co.uk/application-containerisation-delivery-for-education.html

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