Global semiconductor and software design company

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Global semiconductor and software design company

OS migration across multiple continents for thousands of advanced users.

With 6,000 employees engaged in the design and licensing of microprocessors, utilising three main OS platforms across sites covering the UK and Europe, India, North America, South Africa, the Nordics, and the Far East, this customer faced the challenge of a large OS migration as well as meeting the requirements of an extremely advanced user base.

In addition, a degree of technical debt had to be addressed, borne from years of M&A activity, covering AD Consolidation and infrastructure simplification, to streamline the organisation’s ability to react to potential sale opportunities.

APPtechnology assisted our customer with Project Management and Technical Delivery services, operating under a governed Statement of Work model.  Engaged under the EUC workstream, APPtechnology provided Enterprise Architects, Engineering resources, Project and Programme management, delivering the removal of technical debt and a complex three platform migration for Windows 10, Ubuntu and proprietary systems.

Work was completed over a four year period, with the company being sold in 2020 for $40bn to a global chipset manufacturer.