National Engineering capacity

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National Engineering capacity

A long-standing client approached us with a challenge that would potentially impact their business and their customers, who were reliant on their 4th Line Emergency services.

With the minimum disruption to live Emergency and financial services, circa 5,000 office based users had to be physically and technically transitioned to become remote home workers, without impacting call and response times during the transition.

With five large regional offices in the UK, and the approval of executive budget to complete this pandemic aligned approach, this customer was faced with the questions of “How and Who” to assist as their UK based IT capacity had been reduced by offshore services outsourcing.

They approached APPtechnology and other suppliers for ideas on a rapid response team, with national coverage, that could flex to regional demand based on the previous days achievements.  Capacity could therefore be added to locations on a daily basis to meet the remaining workloads.

APPtechnology responded within 24 hours with a workable plan, SOW based, with confirmed engineering capacity assuming customer signoff.  Day two was spent on the Professional services logistics and site contacts, Day three saw the delivery of onsite engineering capacity at all locations. 

The result, just over 5,000 Office based workers were transitioned to home working within a three week period.  This included one to one engineering support where needed, hardware changes, remote working tests, and assistance in moving equipment.

Day 1

Remote project meeting, Scope Workshop, SOW creation, SOW approval

Day 2

Align consultants, Confirm consultant deliverables, Confirm site deployments

Day 3

Project start, Live delivery 5 national sites

Days 4 to 21

National engineering capacity, flexed daily across five sites as required