Application Testing

Enterprises that deploy applications to many users need the assurance that every deployment is successful. The news is littered with manufacturing to banking companies where an update has caused immeasurable downtime and public anger due to a software release.

APPtechnology's testing solutions ensure every application passes 3 criteria before it goes live:

1.Does it work as we expect it to

2.Will it break anything else out there

3.Does it meet our corporate standards

Our independent fully certified ISEB teams work with your business to ensure a positive experience providing the important link between your packaging team and end users.

1. Operational Testing

To ensure your line of business and COTS applications work we have tested thousands of industry applications so have pre-defined scripts to break/fix an application.

Every application has to pass our typical programme behaviour tests (does the application print, licence itself, save to default locations, launch from shortcuts etc).

Any defects are accurately identified so the packaging team can quickly remedy. All of this ensures a smooth flow to 'deployment ready' as applications come from the packaging team.

2. User Acceptance Testing

In addition to operational testing we engage with your application sponsors to ensure business critical applications deliver known outcomes.

This involves a deskside or remote test hosted by our team. We walk through each stage of the application in a secure 'sandpit' to ensure the application is true to life.

This ensures your sponsors buy in to the project and their application behaves as they expect it to.

3. Validated System Testing

We also offer a testing service for Validated Systems or systems (Applications, Spreadsheets, Databases etc.) that need to adhere to FDA and other compliances.

Services range from the full Validation Plan creation and underlying documents and testing processes to ad-hoc creation and execution of Installation Qualification, Migration Qualification and Performance Qualification phases.

Testing solutions that strike the right balance between UAT and OAT.

Using a mix of off-site and on-site teams we can reduce desk, hardware and HR requirements helping costs further.

We are your Application Testing Specialists

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““With excellent Pre-sales diligence, APPtechnology’s senior management have consistently ensured that their services are exactly matched to our requirements.”
AA - Peter Eates, Programme Manager