Windows Migration Planning

Every Enterprise is different, but the migration challenges remain the same. Server & Client systems, Databases, Regional Configuration, reticence to change on stable systems, supported versus functional are all areas that need to identified, challenged and resolved. Our Presales support includes review of your audit information to identify the major transformation issues that you will face, and bring proven estimation techniques to your Project PID.

What is the best order to tackle your application and environment issues in? Working from the largest install base down does not deliver results faster, this approach tends to massively condensed migration delivery at the very end of the project, a high risk, stressful result that creates user and business impact. We can show you how to work smart, applying Pareto's principle wherever possible, and bringing user readiness forwards, resulting in a smoother, lower peak workload approach that is less harmful to business operations and carries a lower overall risk profile.

““With excellent Pre-sales diligence, APPtechnology’s senior management have consistently ensured that their services are exactly matched to our requirements.”
AA - Peter Eates, Programme Manager