Legacy Application Management Service

We ensure that yesterday’s legacy applications can still be easily integrated into today’s IT infrastructure. Re-engineering old business applications is cost prohibitive where the Vendor has stopped support or your in house developer has long since left.

It is not uncommon even after the rollout of Windows 10, for the largest organisations to still have an ageing computer in the corner of a department running a single 16/32bit application that is used for a significant task. This is far from ideal and forms a weak link in the overall IT estate, never mind the security vulnerabilities such a legacy application can cause.

Legacy by APPtechnology will take your old business applications and port them onto a secure platform. This gives your end users the same experience on virtually any device, enables your network team to finally unplug vulnerable old hardware and all for far less than re-engineering an application would cost.

Speak to us to find out how we can get your applications hosted and your security and network teams happy today whilst an alternative is found. Our pricing enables you to add/remove users as required and when you find an alternative down the line, easily disable access instantly.