Proton by APPtechnology provides detailed inventory data specific to a machine and activity data. It enables you to define exactly how a given web application loads, allowing you to completely control the compatibility issues including rendering, scripting and all the way through loading only the specific version of Java required.

What Proton delivers:

Proton provides comprehensive web application inventory and browser usage data via a graphical dashboard, along with detailed reports on all intranet and cloud activity organisation wide. This includes a complete mapping of:

  • Web applications
  • Browsers
  • Add-ons
  • OS components
  • Shadow IT (including cloud storage)
  • Application performance
  • SaaS accounts

With these actionable insights, your IT team can make agile, informed decisions and head off issues before they become serious problems.

Proton provides actionable insights:

Proton provides actionable insights, helping you in the following areas:

  • Java version management and security - detect Java inventory and usage from every PC throughout your organisation, identify the Java versions that can be removed and the systems that must be updated, so you can plan your proactive Java management strategy.
  • Migration - With the myriad of browser and application updates coming regularly you must address challenges proactively. Proton gives you critical data on unforeseen problems as software updates are applied.
  • Shadow IT detection - helps you understand shadow IT usage by reporting user logins, native cloud client accounts, and file storage usage, allowing you to track compliance and pre-empt inadvertent information disclosure violations.
  • SaaS license compliance and rationalisation - understand what SaaS licenses are used in your company and by whom, so you can ensure compliance, gain volume discounts, properly scale hosting services, and set a strategy moving forward.
  • Web application performance optimisation - by collecting data at user endpoints, you get a clear viewpoint and deeper insight into patterns of web application performance, along with historical performance data, enabling you to troubleshoot and optimize application performance issues and improve end-user experience and productivity.
  • Windows 10 migration and Edge readiness - identify your most critical web applications and those requiring a legacy browser to prioritize testing and drive browser/application pairing, so you can smoothly migrate to Windows 10.

Proton is a crucial resource in every modern IT department’s toolset.

Why you need Proton by APPtechnology:

Without effective tools, you lack visibility into what’s going on inside the browsers throughout your organisation. You don’t know which applications are being used (or not used) or the dependencies between your browser, applications, and their various configurations and settings. This blind spot leaves organizations like yours open to security risks, blocked or stalled migrations, compatibility issues, poor application performance, and under/over-utilised software licenses. Proton is designed to illuminate this blind spot with detailed telemetry about your browser environment.

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