Ion by APPtechnology allows you to lock down all intranet applications to a limited set of Java versions. It determines exactly which applications require Java by version. Proton delivers a complete listing of all web applications in use to help rationalise web applications, develop a plan to eliminate those that aren’t unnecessary or no longer actively used.

What Ion delivers:

Ion is a web application remediation and browser management solution, designed to simplify browser migration and enable IT to maintain control over browser compatibility and security. Ion enables legacy IE-dependent line of business applications to run in modern Internet Explorer, without rewriting applications or installing expensive and complex virtualisation solutions. Ion provides granular control for maximum compatibility and security, while allowing multiple versions of Java to run side-by-side. And, Ion works with your existing IT infrastructure, requiring no new servers or changes to your management strategy.

Ion enables:

With Ion, you’re in charge of your browsers and web applications. Ion enables you to:

  • Run legacy web apps in modern browser versions, without disrupting workflow
  • Run multiple versions of Java, or isolate Java, for improved compatibility and security
  • Lock down the use of Java to only those sites designated by IT for ultimate security
  • Upgrade to modern Internet Explorer to take advantage of the latest HTML web applications
  • Avoid cost and complexity of virtualization and application rewrites
  • Deploy and manage easily using your existing IT infrastructure

Why you need Ion by APPtechnology:

Out of date and unsecured legacy versions of Java present a security threat to the broader environment where hackers can access deprecated versions of Java to attack the entire enterprise. With Ion, you can cordon-off these security threats and standardise on the latest browsers while reducing risk and cost.

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AA - Peter Eates, Programme Manager