Catalyst by APPtechnology ensures the right browser is used for the right application. It enables IT to manage multiple browsers side by side, controlling Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome use by writing rules to pair each web application with the most compatible and secure browser.

What Catalyst delivers:

Browsium Catalyst is a multi-browser web traffic manager for the enterprise, enabling IT to pair all web applications with the most compatible and secure browser. Catalyst delivers browser choice, a more secure computing environment, and a transparent end-user experience, resulting in reduced IT management costs and improved productivity.

IT can now specify and centrally control the most compatible and secure browser for each website on every PC in the organisation.

With Catalyst, you’re in charge of the web traffic in your multi-browser enterprise environment:

  • Maximises compatibility by pairing all web applications with the most compatible and secure browser
  • Strengthens security by limiting legacy browser use, isolating unsecure browsers/plug-ins from the web
  • Reduces helpdesk calls and work interruption due to browser incompatibility
  • Mitigates zero-day browser exploits by centrally revoking or limiting use of compromised browsers
  • Easy to create custom configuration, easy to deploy using any software distribution system
  • Seamless experience for end users; the required browser always launches automatically

Why you need Catalyst by APPtechnology:

Catalyst provides IT specialists with rulesets to make sure that your users are using the proper browser every time thereby reducing end-user frustration and the cost of human error to your organisation.

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AA - Peter Eates, Programme Manager