Webinar on Demand: Cyber Essentials Plus Compliant Applications

Webinar on Demand: Cyber Essentials Plus Compliant Applications

Cyber Essentials Plus Compliant Applications half-hour webinar on demand

Cyber Essentials Plus Applications and Patching

In his 30 minute webinar, Martin Sweeney brings you up to speed on Cyber Essentials Plus applications and patching.

CE Plus covers a wide remit, including networks, firewalls, and devices; however, the full spectrum is too broad to cover in a single session. In this deep dive discussion, you'll learn about the methodology for CE Plus compliant application and patch management.

We look at Gartner's views on why Cyber Essentials Plus is important today, and touch on the difference in approach from the application and OS management cycles of the past.

We then discuss the main technical controls for a CE Plus compliant approach, covering what great looks like, and then what incredible looks like.

Not only that, but also the business outcomes of getting this right. In effect, how to make you look good and be a safer organization.


Why is Cyber Essentials Plus so important to organizations today?

These are the key Gartner predictions for cyber security risk:

    • By 2025, 60% of organisations will use cybersecurity risk as a significant determinant in conducting third-party transactions and business engagements.
    • The view from the Board of Directors Survey 2022 found that 80% of respondents viewed cybersecurity-related risk as a business risk, no longer just a technology risk.
    • By 2026, at least 50% of C-Level executives will have performance requirements related to cybersecurity risk built into their employment contracts.
    • CE Plus has, in effect, become a minimum expectation for Enterprise supply chains. The perception of cyber threats has changed from being seen as a technical threat to a recognised significant business risk; these threats have moved from general disruption to data theft and business interruption as their targets.
    • Lastly, it's also predicted that performance against cybersecurity threats will be part of performance related pay for executives in the next four years.

For App Technology, our CE Plus certification is a requirement for government work including NHS, council, and central government. However, achieving CE Plus wasn't just about our ability to tender for and win projects, the processes have also saved cold hard cash in licensing and managing OS migration cycles.

Our ITRAM methodology itram consists of sequential process stages and checklists

Our ITRAM methodology consists of sequential process stages and checklists

As a baseline for application security activity, you should really ask: why wouldn't you pursue CE Plus certification?

Estimates suggest that following the technical controls will prevent around 80% of cyber attacks, which is a great starting point for any organization. to find out how, watch our webinar now and if you have any questions, contact us for more information.


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