Webinar on Demand: Cyber Essentials Plus for Legacy Applications

Webinar on Demand: Cyber Essentials Plus for Legacy ApplicationsCyber Essentials Plus for Legacy Applications with text

In this webinar we show you how you can use Droplet and containerisation to manage your ageing legacy applications and furthermore how containerisation can be used to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus compliance.

What's more, beyond achieving Cyber Essentials Plus compliance, Droplet can free applications from ageing physical hardware by putting them into the cloud. And it can simplify your support model for these applications by providing you with a single method for supporting all of your ageing applications.

In our previous webinar, we walked you through APPtechnology's CEPP service to demonstrate how you can keep modern applications compliant, but we're aware that many organisations still have ageing applications in their estate. That means applications with no upgrade path, which might be vital for supporting machinery or hardware. These could be third-party applications that don't have a direct upgrade available to make them Windows 11 compliant, or where it's too costly to recode them, or where the existing application already delivers everything you need for the business.

Compatibility, Security and Compliance

And that's where Droplet comes in. Droplet delivers compatibility, security and compliance. The company's advanced containerisation technology was built from day one for running legacy applications. Legacy applications are the biggest obstacle to digital transformation because they are often too costly to upgrade and may need to persist in your organisation, either for data compliance, or simply because the application is so embedded in the organisation's workflows that it can't easily be replaced.

Cyber Essentials V3

Unfortunately, legacy software is also one of the biggest targets for hackers, particularly when security patches are no longer available from the original software vendor. But with Droplet, even outdated and insecure applications can be made safe and fully compliant with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or Cyber Essentials V3 standards that your organisation may need to achieve.

According to the 2023 Cyber Essentials V3 standard, sandboxing is no longer seen as an appropriate solution to protect potentially unsafe code. This means that using MSIX or MSIX AppAttach will no longer guarantee that your application is Cyber Essentials compliant because the environment must provide what is called "a true isolation layer". But Droplet environments have been regularly and rigorously pen-tested and security professionals agree that if an app is in Droplet, it will pass Cyber Essentials.

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