SCCM Automated Software Reclaim

We can help your organisation unleash the potential of SCCM to provide automated software optimisation capabilities for you enterprise. We can help provide the visibility of the software waste within your organisation, as well as the power to optimise automatically to avoid expensive licence true-ups and purchases.

With seamless integration with SCCM we can help provide the capability of automated or user driven software reclaim across your enterprise.


  • Get an accurate view of software installed across your estate.
  • With an ISO 19770-3 based Entitlement Library you allows control of software licenses and associated contractual agreement.
  • Fast to install and easy to use delivering cost savings within days!
  • Streamline your software management process by automatically reclaiming unused or prohibited software in your estate.
  • Remove the guesswork from the audit-response process, transforming an ad-hoc, reactive process into BAU.


  • Enables proactive software management: reducing waste and unnecessary spend by removing unused and rarely-used applications.
  • Continuous monitoring of software usage enables you to prevent software sprawl across the enterprise.
  • Accurate reporting with detailed usage data enable you to highlight licensing optimization and cost savings for your enterprise.
  • Empower your enterprise in license negotiations and audits with clear and accurate software usage reports.
  • If you are interested in driving down software waste in your enterprise then we'd love to speak to you.

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